Fully Extruded Aluminum Components

Every major component of our structure is made of fully extruded aluminum, rather than cheaper, roll formed aluminum used by competitors.


Extruded aluminum has a higher Tensile strength and allows for a stronger system with longer spans without deflection.

Patented Interlocking Louver Design

Patented Interlocking Louver Design StruXure engineered and patented the finest louver design in the market today.


This patented interlocking louver design provides superior performance in rain conditions.


This ability to eliminate dripping between the louvers has made StruXure the company of choice for hotels, resorts, restaurants and country clubs because they can’t afford to take chances when it comes to patron comfort.

360◦ Integrated Gutter System

Each system has a fully extruded 5½” gutter system that encompasses the perimeter of each  zone. This allows for superior water management. We can utilize our posts to act as a downspout to provide a  clean, minimalist look.

No system handles rain and water better than StruXure Outdoors.

•We revolutionized the gutter corner connector system, including the development of it’s patented “pass-through” gutter system for multiple zones.

•Our new 7” commercial gutter system has a 4” lip to handle 3times the water as our current gutter.

Premium Powder Coating Process

StruXure recognized early on that the standard powder coating process applied by the mills(suppliers) is insufficient to holdup in environmental conditions such as; salt water air, chlorine, sun, rain, etc. We chose to go with a more extensive pre-treat process and premium powder coat finish is standard on all components.


StruXure has set the standard by providing you with a superior, longer lasting finish.

•PPG 2604 premium chemical texture matte finish available in 5 standard colors

•Requires multiple pre-treat steps and applied by a certified dealer

 •PPG 2604 premium chemical texture powder costs more but is worth it

StruXure OS powered by Somfy®

StruXure has partnered with Somfy to offer our customers the most technologically advanced system available.


We give our customers multiple ways to control your system, with hand held remotes, wireless wall switches and Somfy MyLink™ feature that enables operation of your system on any smart phone or tablet, integration with home automation systems and integration with Amazon Alexa.

Wind & Rain Sensors

StruXure OS can be integrated with a wind and rain sensor for automated control in poor weather conditions.


The rain sensor can be programmed to automatically close the roof upon detection of rain. Wind sensor can be set to open or close the roof at preset wind speeds.

Smart Motor Technology

StruXure OS utilizes the newest linear actuator technology from Somfy. This sleek ‘smart motor’ is the engine to your system.


Somfy has customized it’s actuator to work specifically with StruXure’ s Pivot and Pivot XL. Cycle tested and very quiet, covered by a 5-year warranty.

Made in America

StruXure systems are made entirely in the U.S. by American craftsmen in two 30,000 square foot fabrication facilities (Dahlonega, GA and Henderson, NV).